Purple Majesty Millet. With its gorgeous daisy-shaped blooms, this low-maintenance beauty seems too good to be true. Birds will feast on the cones of this backyard favorite. Designated as an All America Selection for 2003. An easy plant in every way. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia, Zones 3 to 9). 00. glaucum, sometimes called cattail, bulrush, or pearl millet, is one of the world’s oldest cultivated grains, grown as a food or forage crop in … On Apr 10, 2009, jnfmd from Paradise, TX wrote: I grew purple majesty last summer for the first time in the middle of my vegetable garden. Coreopsis (Coreopsis, hardiness varies by variety). There are plenty of varieties to choose from, including cultivars that range from 2 to 15 feet tall and colors from yellow to red. AAS winner. The only problem I had was that the foliage tips would dry out and turn brown. I have also noticed that the ones in a windy locale will get some browning of the leaf edges, even with plenty of water. Others like yellow etc. Jiaxiang Traditional Healthy Herb Pillow with Buckwheat or Millet Hull Filling (Purple-New, Millet Hull) 4.1 out of 5 stars 38. 50 PURPLE MAJESTY MILLET (Pearl, Ornamental, or Black Leaf Millet) Ornamental Grass Pennisetum Glaucum Seeds. This makes a delightful cut flower. Since then several other selections of Pennisetum glaucum have been developed as ornamentals.P. Too bad it doesn't come true from seed, but worth the yearly seed purchase. Grow single or double blooms in full sun, and you’ll have flowers (and seeds to offer feathered friends) from summer through late fall. If you like a challenge, try storing the plants in a cool location like a … Their seed heads are frankly and magnificently sexual. Purple majesty millet (Pennisetum glaucum ‘Purple Majesty’, annual) It’s relatively new to the plant world, but birds have caught on fast! Plant can have a cottagey, country, or similar effect. Grasses grown in the garden provide interesting contrast and often ease of care for the home gardener. Stem and midrib of the foliage first turn purple after about 8 leaves have developed. It’s relatively new to the plant world, but birds have caught on fast! On Jan 11, 2011, hortulaninobili from St. Louis, MO (Zone 6a) wrote: Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty' (ornamental millet) Growing Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Baron', better known as ornamental millet, is as easy as it gets. Sow purple majesty millet seeds outdoors 3 weeks after your last frost date. Definitely an annual for me even in my protected south facing backyard. Mexican sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia, annual). Qty. This is a garden classic birds adore. I guess reminds too much of a row crop (monoculture) when I see it - so not all that attractive. 1–3 main stems and 12–14" secondary plumes. Purple Majesty proved too fun not to! $4.50 shipping. I anticipate the birds will enjoy them, too. Jade Princess Millet is an herbaceous annual with a shapely form and gracefully arching foliage. On Jan 27, 2008, ncdirtdigger from Waxhaw, NC wrote: I started the seeds for this plant on a Thursday night and it had sprouted by Sunday morning, very good germination rate as well, 80% as of Sunday. Distinguished 3–5' tall background plant with deep-purple, almost black, corn-like foliage has purple seed spikes nearly a foot tall and an inch around. would also look nice. Photo Credit: Gerald Klingaman Purple Majesty is an ornamental millet with a corn-like character. 32,000 seeds per oz/28gr . Stacy Tornio is a freelance writer and author with more than 15 gardening and outdoorsy books. Its deep, burgundy to almost-black blades grow robustly, quickly forming a hefty mass of easy-care drama. This trouble-free Ornamental Millet is deep purple from the base of its stem to the tip of its long, flower-packed stalk! In the mixed border, its … Purple Majesty IS a hybrid and you can save seed, but the seedlings will have all manner of traits combined from the two inbreds that were crossed to produce the hybrid. If you are planning on growing millet on your own and at your home then here are a few things that you should know: Choose the type you want to grow in millet ; There are various different types of millet that you can purchase. Purple Majesty is very easy to grow and is very tolerant of heat and low moisture. Heat- and drought tolerant once established. Purple Majesty Millet; Purple Majesty Millet. Germination indoors was spotty, but I got about ten plants from the packet of seeds, and they are WELL worth growing. I have a number of slightly different ecosystems in my yard and have placed plants in all of them, including containers. An extraordinary ornamental for your garden and flower arrangements. Often mistaken for a zinnia, this sun- and heat-loving plant definitely holds its own when it comes to attracting birds. The plant itself is 4 to 5 feet tall, while the flower stalk offers another foot of delectable goodies for birds. One of the few annuals I go to the trouble to start flats of in the spring. Grow in sun or shade to get amazing foliage from spring to fall. The immature spikes can be cut and used dramatically in floral arrangements. FleuroSelect Gold Award Winner. This grass is an annual but useful in borders, containers and anywhere else that a dramatic colour effect is required. The traditional black-eyed Susan has dark centers and bright-yellow flowers, but now there are even more varieties to choose from. My intent was to harvest the seed heads for dried arrangements. It is lovely and makes want to run your hands up the bloom for the soft fuzzy feeling. Of all the grasses, the Purple Majesty millet stands out from the others. One plant would look rather ridiculous, so several together do suffice. New varieties offer a wide range of colors, including purple, pink, white, yellow and orange. Plant in full sun and resist the urge to overwater, as it’s a drought-tolerant superstar that blooms in late spring through late summer. On Jan 15, 2010, Jnette from Northeast, WA (Zone 5a) wrote: I love this plant. Grow in full sun for summer and fall. On Sep 7, 2005, Kell from Northern California, CA (Zone 9b) wrote: This plant has been a fast fill in for me. Foliage turns dark purple when plants are moved from the greenhouse outside into full sun. To make my Millet Arancini : … Purple majesty millet (Pennisetum glaucum ‘Purple Majesty’, annual). [2] Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea, Zones 3 to 9). Use this bold Ornamental Grass to add serious oomph to your hot, sunny borders and containers. It was awesome to say the very least .. tall slender plant with a gorgeous burgundy spike. On Sep 15, 2003, cblunkjr from Clatskanie, OR (Zone 8a) wrote: May be wise to stake this plant in high wind areas. It is not a perennial in my area but I have grown it in containers for my deck for the last 2 years. On Jul 6, 2004, Commonsense from Rock Hill, SC (Zone 7b) wrote: This is an amazing plant! Full sun dictates depth and richness of color. Grow in sun or shade to get amazing foliage from spring to fall. The fl ower spikes can be used as cut You know it very well could be. Use this bold Ornamental Grass to add serious oomph to your hot, sunny borders and containers. Photo Credit: James H. Schutte ‘Purple Baron’ is a wonderful new cultivar with beautiful purple leaves and showy seed heads. This plant is said to grow outdoors in the following regions: On May 29, 2011, BUFFY690 from Prosperity, SC (Zone 7b) wrote: Grew this plant from seed for use in two large containers. They still produce edible seeds that will attract birds and other wildlife. I start them early to allow better placement and protection of young seedlings in the garden since they can be fussy to germinate. Best of all, birds devour the mature millet seed spikes, which turn a shiny purple. When mature the plants put up a purple seed head nearly a foot tall and an inch around. Ornamental millet provides strong vertical interest in in the garden. On Aug 3, 2007, MarilynneS from Thunder Bay Ontario, ON (Zone 3a) wrote: I bought two plants this summer to place in a garden that is filled with cannas, rudbeckias and marigolds. It forms a 5-foot-high specimen with tight cylindrical flowers of purple-brown seeds—a favorite of many birds. This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and is best cleaned up in early spring before it resumes active growth for the season. tilizer help yield excellent results. On Sep 12, 2009, grrrlgeek from Grayslake, IL (Zone 5a) wrote: Grew easily from seed, they started out green with purple ribs and turned purple as they got taller. $ 3.25. 2.7 out of 5 stars 28. Central Phoenix -- I have an Aloe Christmas Carol, ... read more, I just found one upside down on our patio and put him ... read more, Flocks to the suet feeder along with the dozen or so ... read more, The gangs all here, hanging out in the neighborhood, ... read more, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com. Why not get the most out of your garden by growing plants to feed birds? Pennisetum glaucum, or ornamental millet grass, is a prime example of a show-stopping garden grass. On May 1, 2006, Suze_ from (Zone 7b) wrote: Even though I've repeatedly seen that this plant is listed as being hardy to zone 8a, I have yet to see it. Plant in full sun for great results midsummer to early fall. Each plant has 1-3 main stems and a few secondary shoots. I will post a pic as well Prepare the soil where you will be planting the seeds by working 3 to 4 inches of compost into the top 6 inches of soil. Growing millet is not hard, but needs some basic instructions to follow. On Nov 10, 2006, Shirley1md from Ellicott City, MD (Zone 7a) wrote: An All American Selection Winner. Under full to partial sun, they produce the deepest purple color with narrower leaves. I am zone 3a. However, I really, really love 'Purple Majesty' and grow it every year. Yes it does. Suited to 4" pots up to gallon containers. Formerly known as … An All America Gold Medal Winner for 2003. Sorghum/sudangrass can be toxic to cattle when it gets frosted, but Pearl millet does not. $3.00 $ 3. It grows up to 5 feet in full to partial sun and blooms in summer. Don’t be surprised when you see an American goldfinch gripping the purple spikes of this flower head. Its relatively coarse texture can be used to stand it apart from other garden plants with finer foliage. The only ones that turn out any less than stunning are those in lower light settings. Also known as pearl millet. Does not always fit in every garden or landscape. In a large planting at the back of a border this plant looks good if … The Zinnia Profusion Series Will Fill Your Garden With Color, Create the Ultimate Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Purple Majesty Ornamental Millet. Grow in full sun to light shade for blooms in summer through autumn. Left on the plant, the millet seed spike attracts birds that snack on the seed. Ornamental millet grass is derived from ordinary millet, a cereal grain that is an important food crop in semi-arid areas of Asia and Africa, and is cultivated in the United States as a forage crop. In 2003, ‘Purple Majesty’ took the gardening world by storm when it was a 2003 All-America Selections Gold Medal Winner. I have rose colored petunias on the railing above hanging down through out the foliage of this plant and the 2 together are just beautiful. Purple Majesty thrives in full to part sun. On Jul 30, 2004, Portlander from Portland, OR wrote: Just planted two gallon-sized 'Purple Majesty' plants. You will have much better results if you start with fresh seed or new transplants next season. It adds a great color and shape to my garden. Best suited for 4" containers and higher, Purple Majesty makes an excellent garden focal point, or can be used in mass plantings. Pennisetum glaucum. Less light produce wider and greener leaves. It was quite easy to look after and did nicely on a sunny patio. All-America Selections Winner . Also makes a good cut flower. Pennisetum glaucum ‘Purple Majesty’ Purple Ornamental Millet: USDA Zone: 10-11: Plant number: 8.300.250. A striking deep purple foliage plant with 12-14 in/30-35 cm purple stems and cat-tail like seed spikes. While I enjoyed having a tall, dark plant element the birds had loads of fun landing on the plants, eating from them, and "riding" them when too many birds hopped on at once. Young plants produce green leaves that turn purple as they grow in sun. A millet br… Blazing star (Liatris species, Zones 3 to 9). This is an AAS winning variety whose lovely dark colors can add a great contrast when paired with other plants. She tries to get as much sunshine as possible and is currently on a quest to see all the national parks in North America. The purple leaf blades and spike are distinctly different from all other ornamentals. Ht. OTHER: Purple Majesty can easily be grown in containers, and the 8-12” flower (seed) stalks are an absolute favorite of birds. Not only did they grow almost as tall as the shephard hooks holding my feeders, the birds loved these plants! Will definately be in the garden areas next spring...Love this. Safflower is easy to grow and the birds love it! Here, you’ll find 8 great blooms that offer seeds for birds. The ornamental millet was bred and has been used as an annual in the garden. This distinction is only used for plants that represent plant breeding breakthroughs. Even a small planting can keep cardinals, jays, chickadees, titmice, finches, native sparrows and doves investigating all fall and winter. "Ornamental millet" varieties such as Purple Majesty or Foxtail Millet Highlander are recommended for small garden plots due to their attractive appearance. FAQ. The vibrant, orange flower heads of Mexican sunflower will make a bold statement in any garden. This year I am saving seed, we'll see. Tough as nails--mine stay upright regardless of wind, and one that got broken off at the base with a couple of tiny roots is doing fine with extra soil mounded around it to keep it upright. In a large planting at the back of a border this plant looks good if allowed to not take center spotlight. A. Safflower leaves get spiny as the plant matures. Purple Majesty was named a 2003 Gold Medal All-America Selections winner. Full sun dictates depth and richness of color. 3,400 seeds/oz. Rake smooth. The soil temperature should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Garden Jokes and Humor: Sunday Funnies 01-17-21. Pennisetum glaucum 'Purple Majesty' (ornamental millet) This plant for me goes two ways: (1) bold and dramatic and best if used sparingly or (2) bold and dramatic and best if used not at all. On Mar 16, 2009, darylmitchell from Saskatoon, SK (Zone 3a) wrote: I grew this as a bedding plant in a container in 2007. To save your fingers, grow the plant in a casual bed with blue larkspur, bachelor’s buttons, cosmos, marigolds and other easy-care, self-sowing annuals where it can take care of itself. Pennisetum glaucum. Ideal for tall borders, mass plantings and as a landscape backdrop. Color: Deep purple Annual Packet: 10 seeds. Plants have a lot more to offer than just beautiful flowers. If you plant your Purple Majesty in the garden, it could grow as high as 3 to 5 feet, and if transplanted soon, there's a chance you could see quite a few more blooms yet (and you can leave the dead blooms and seed spikes on it, it won't hurt anything). You can keep it blooming by removing the mature seed heads as the seeds begin to fill in. Purple Majesty Ornamental Millet 3. Plant among red and orange dahlias, Verbena bonariensis, artemisias, Zinnia 'Envy' and yellow lantana. I grew it for the first time this year. The 4-5', deep purple, corn-like foliage is truly distinguished as a background plant. Deep purple, 3'–5' multi-stemmed plants create a fountain of long, corn-like purple leaves topped with an 8–12 purple flower spike. I used plenty of good soil and have kept moist, but one plant is turning brown fast. Direct Sowing Purple Majesty Millet Seeds Outdoors. It's not often the All-America Selections committee awards a Gold Medal -- but then, Purple Majesty is a one-of-a-kind garden performer! I was looking at picture of the purple millet and it just didn't look like what I saw that this guy cut. Even if the birds don’t plant it for you, all you need to do is poke some kernels from your seed mix about an inch into the ground in spring. The dark foliage and tall form of ‘Purple Majesty’ stands out among other ornamentals. Growth is responsive even in fair soil: additional water and fer... read moretilizer help yield excellent results. I will plant again. It’s not hard to find an annual or perennial coreopsis (also called tickseed) that will flourish in your yard. It would probably benefit from some shelter from drying winds. Add to Cart. It won this prestigious award for its outstanding garden performance in trial gardens all over North America. Add architecture and color to floral arrangements or containers. This plant makes a stunning container specimen. Home Birding Attracting Birds Plants and Trees that Attract Birds. This cultivar of pearl millet has wide, deep purple foliage and stems. Very few squash bugs bothered my squash but were all over the millet. You can’t expect to grow your own seed without this classic bird magnet. On Nov 20, 2009, dancyn from Okanogan, WA wrote: This plant is a delight in the garden. This plant for me goes two ways: (1) bold and dramatic and best if used sparingly or (2) bold and dramatic and best if used not at all. The plant itself is 4 to 5 feet tall, while the flower stalk offers another foot of delectable goodies for birds. The blooms are very striiking and laden with pollen. It's the perfect choice for the "I don't like gardening but still want a garden" type gardener. Ornamental Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) Annual 4 ft/1.2 m Approx. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings, Flowers are good for drying and preserving, This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds, Allow seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds. Information about Millet Plants. Grow in clusters to create a dramatic focal point in borders and add height to container plantings. Purple Majesty Millet Pennisetum glaucum (120 days) This 2003 AAS award-winning pearl millet accelerated the ornamental-grasses trend. I eat millet, but am very smart about it and don’t eat it everyday and with plenty of grassfed fats in the diet overall Marilynne. 36–60". You can make a pseudo-arancini using millet instead of rice and to make them even healthier, bake instead of frying them. Does the pearl have a little purple tint to some of it? I was surprised that it served as a very effective trap plant for squash bugs. On Jul 17, 2008, planolinda from Plano, TX wrote: very easy to grow from seed, beautiful and unusual looking. Many gardeners know this plant as gayfeather. Its deep, burgundy to almost-black blades grow robustly, quickly forming a hefty mass of easy-care drama. Eat it in moderation and ensure you are getting plenty of natural iodine in the diet (grassfed butter or ghee is a fantastic source) and you shouldn’t have a problem provided you don’t already have thyroid issues. Avg. Many birds feed on millet seed. They provide a vertical purple-black element in the garden that is invaluable. Logged farwest. 48 members have or want this plant for trade. The young fl ower spikes can be used as cut fl owers and mature seed heads are good additions to dried arrangements. Deep purple foliage, stems, and cattail-like spikes. On Jan 28, 2007, ladyschweig from Culpeper, VA (Zone 7a) wrote: Bought two plants for my "bird garden." Will try it again this year. I hope Portland's hot summer sun and the shock of transplant is all that is wrong.

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